Before we get all 'The Sky is Falling' with Alt-Right knuckleheads migrating to specific instances that cater to them, remember:

1. The block feature actually works here and should be used liberally if you see bad faith arguers or worse.

2. Instance-level personal blocks can be executed on the web client by going to the user, opening the additional […] menu and clicking 'Hide all from this instance'.

3. Petition your local moderating team to ban and suspend instances outright. We'll listen!

Good news everybody! We now have a :liberal: emoji!

Just type : liberal : without the spaces.

Boost if you're comfortable holding hands with your friends.

@GeorgePotter It's a start. Once we get to replacing Council Tax with LVT I'll be a lot happier.

So I'm pleased to see that the Lib Dems are finally officially backing Land Value Taxation as a replacement for business rates:

Welcome one and all!

There's a lot of setting up to do but I'm your friendly neighbourhood admin and this instance is open to all who can say they broadly align with the LI definition of liberalism:

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