This is just adorable - using her tail as a pillow while she digests

Mental health, Twitter, Facebook 

So 1) hi - I know this has basically been a placeholder and I don’t really follow many people or vice versa, but here we are.

And 2) What’s a good iOS client? I’m using Tootdon but is there anything demonstrably better?

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Mental health, Twitter, Facebook 

Ok, so after a wall of stuff hit on $OTHER_SOCIAL_MEDIA sites the other week
I felt something go twang inside and it seemed I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown, staring into the abyss.

I put Twitter and Facebook away and stepped back. Went for walks, that sort of thing.

It was touch and go but it worked and I’m feeling better.

But I think I should make a go of things here. Twitter especially is irredeemable, I think.

So I’m on a twitter break for my own health.

Hi everybody.


So looking at the content warning thing. One of the things I like to do sometimes is post pictures of my snakes, but I know some people are freaked out by that, so in the other place I use a hashtag, which can be muted. Not ideal.

But here I can CW them to make them opt-in, which seems kinda cool.

So here’s Charlie engaging in her “let’s vandalise the heater” hobby.

Mastodon seems a bit more functional than the last time I looked at it, which is nice!

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