As usual, everyone has a billion good reasons to come here, I've told them to, and almost nobody did. They'd rather stay there and make Zuckerberg or Dorsey or Musk richer.

This is why I give up on people.

Greetings from Palm Springs!
KHive Democrat here, lover of cigars, dogs, sunshine and the Walking Dead

I've spent the weekend binging Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Almost through all of season 2 so I can see the stuff they just dumped. So far she's said a lot of hilarious stuff, yet it's the first episode where she says, "Rickels.... maybe!" just before being hauled off by police that's still my favorite line of the show.

One of my ringtones is the end of Rosemary's Baby where they're shouting hail Satan.

When it goes off in a crowd, everyone gets real quiet.

And i smile 😈

A system that insists the right thing is for houses to start empty and families out on the street is a system that needs rethinking on a major scale.

Two Homeless Moms Who Took Over Oakland House Get Eviction Notice

I totally forgot about this little ditty by Roy Zimmerman. Really puts into perspective how dumb religious arguments and wars truly are. And also, I was just there to find a video on how to fix my phone screen........

I'm tired of revolution.
Can we maybe have sanity back instead?

Protest voters: all this is still your fault. Just so you don't go forgetting that fact or anything.

So, here I am. And I've told all my friends about being here.

Watch absolutely not a single fucking one of them leave Facebook, and not a single person ever come here.

Because that's what always fucking happens.

I just want my first post here to be me just saying this...... ahem......


There. That felt fabulous getting that out there. Right, carry on.

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