Noticed that few 501 c(3) nonprofit organizations in US have well-defined goals and disclose information properly these days. Would like to donate more but can't without seeing how they use money to "help local children"

Miss those good 'n' old days where playing for the entire night. Life as an adult sucks 😕

Unpopular take: family owned ice cream van isn't as good as others because they don't need to cater to other kids's taste

Why system design tutorials still talk about read-write separation in 2022? With NewSql databases like cockroachdb it's already obsolete

Tfw mom announced she's splitting lying on your favorite the anime pillow bought in high school w/ tons of good memories 🥲

status page says tons of accounts on this host but apparently a majority if not all are bots

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damn this server is infested with spammers with unreadble local timelines... Need to figure out a way to cold start my account

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