Onboarded interns today. Everyone is enthusiastic and optimistic about their future, just like me 3 years ago... Meanwhile as a mentor with tons of sh*twork in my backlog for my Q2 review I just wanna spend bare minimal time on mentoring. Kinda guilty when realizing how great my former mentor was :(

It's a shame nobody on mastodon watches Ding Liren vs Pragg matchup... What great games especially considering they played both at midnight

Noticed that few 501 c(3) nonprofit organizations in US have well-defined goals and disclose information properly these days. Would like to donate more but can't without seeing how they use money to "help local children"

Miss those good 'n' old days where playing for the entire night. Life as an adult sucks 😕

Unpopular take: family owned ice cream van isn't as good as others because they don't need to cater to other kids's taste

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